Saturday, May 26, 2012

Regency Beauty Schools

I have a friend who just graduated in fashion and designing. He is now on the course of starting a boutique of his own. I don’t have much idea on fashion and designing however I suggested him to take a cosmetology course too. I thought it would be an additional plus point in his career and would be a lethal weapon if he wanted to get higher than any other ordinary fashion designer or professionals. Upon his further inquiry I was unable to provide information on which college to attend. I had heard a little about some Regency Beauty Schools which have been around in this sector for more than half a century and thus I simply suggested the name. Suggesting was my duty and researching about Regency Beauty Schools was his.

I haven’t heard from him for quite few weeks but I am dead sure that he must have applied for some courses in one of the Regency Beauty Schools. I bet he is going to stand tall among all the rest of the fashion and designing graduates from his batch. Not just because he would come out trained as a cosmetology professional but he would be a pass out from one of the world’s best beauty schools around.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Colleagues

As I enter the office premises, there’s Krishna and his driver in the far corner of the open space. The trouser and tee that he puts on doesn’t change and he is quite popular for his same get up throughout the year. He however frequently changes his sneakers. I get up close to him and sing a Newari song which brings a large grin on his face and that’s what makes me feel good. If I’m able to make someone smile ear to ear, nothing feels any better than this.

There’s another guy named Mitra who is far skinner than me. Sometimes he comes to the office clean shaven and on the rest of those sometimes, he comes to the office with a Karl Marx beard. He is very good at governmental legislations and knows a lot of constitution and law. Starting a small joke and getting into deep intense national thoughts is what I like doing with him. Coming from a Brahmin family, he is fun to talk to but at times he is also very good at annoying and running away like kids.

Another guy who comes from Okhaldhunga is Suman to whom I just keep making fun of but a pure fun with no intention to hurt his feelings. He speaks at a very slow pace which makes me yawn and I imitate his style of speaking which everyone around would laugh.

And there’s Navraj who is close to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He is laborious and has already started a tuition centre. In the course of expanding his business, he has recently ventured in an educational consultancy. Though he came straight from Sarlahi and joined our office, he is among those who excelled. The way he dresses is always sharp but I don’t interact with him very much just because of nothing. He respects me and so do I.

And Rajesh is one of the most important guys in my office. As soon as he sees me he joins his hand to greet me. I think he is very humble at least to me and I can guess that’s because of my attitude towards other fellow executives in my office. I once had covered his back when he was being brutally shouted by one of the executives.

Another important name is Bashu who comes to the office in the afternoon. Politically we don’t click but when it comes to sports we are one. We have been to the stadium together to cheer for our national team and since then we have become good friends. He often forgets to come to me to talk but I don’t mind that. He is a good personality in the office at least in my point of view.

And finally there’s Jagdish and Yuvraj whom I miss very much. There are many other interesting and friendly characters in my office but the above mentioned personalities are superior to the rest. With the presence of these people my official day goes smooth and can't stop thanking them.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Must Read Two Books Of My Choice

Reading books is always fun. It is not just about fun but it is also about learning new things in life. Through other people’s experience one can learn a lot in life. Reading is always pleasant and it is even more pleasant when you are reading something you fancy most. For instance, positive mental attitude kind of books, fiction, history, science, lifestyle and many other which differs in individual taste and interest.
Recently I finished “Phul ko akhama” by Ani Choying. It is an autobiography which is written in Nepali and surprisingly the Nepali edition happens to be the twelfth edition. Before this edition, the book has already been published in eleven different languages and I believe French should be the first version but I can be wrong, nonetheless the book is a great read. 

The narrator of the book happens to come from a poor family background that eventually becomes a very wealthy woman and a celebrated as well. All the struggles she has faced, all the sadness and all the deprivations have been clearly woven in the book and it kind of inspires others. All in all it is a good book and a must read.
Before ‘Phulko akhama” I had gone through “Jiban kada ki phul” which is another story of an underprivileged girl who finally showed the world that determination is all what one needs to overcome all the barriers. Those who are physically handicapped should not be ignored in a society as they too can contribute very well in the society which has been proved by “Jhamak Ghimire” the writer of “Jiban Kada ki phul”.
Apart from these books, I have gone through several other books, but these two are my favourites because these books don’t only pleases our heart but inspiration and motivation can be found in abundant in these real life stories.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Docto's Network

Everything is on the internet these days. The inception of a network of physicians which includes the likes of Noor Ali Jiwani MD is the most talked about network among doctors and health practitioners throughout the world. It is a known fact that most of the medical failures are the result of lack of communication between doctors. To get rid of this failure, Doximity, a network of physicians and doctors have been developed. This means a communication can be established at anytime with a lot of doctors from around the world. This will surely make doctor’s tasks more convenient and easy.

Like many other social networks, this network of doctors and physicians is available in Smart-phones, I-phones and Androids too. Back in the olden days there were many forums where bloggers would gather and share their experiences. Those were the platforms where each and every single problem faced by a blogger would be solved with the help of other blogger’s suggestions and techniques. Similarly Doximity is the new name in the world of network where doctors stay connected to each other and are ready to help each other. This kind of help between doctors will eventually guarantee safe medical treatment to patients which is what general public want.  

United Vs. City

The last time Manchester United played against Manchester City, it was worth forgetting for Manchester United and its fans. They were thrashed by their city rivals with 6 against one goal as the final score. In that game, Manchester United were down to ten men but that is not a genuine excuse. It was one of the worst defeats in United’s history and in addition to that the match was played in United’s home ground.

The next leg of the premier league between the city rivals drew huge attention as the title was at stake with just two matches remaining. United was leading the table with three points but they lost again to City and were pushed down to the second spot only with goal difference. Now the league has only two more matches remaining and it would be a nail biting finish of the season. United has relatively easier opponent compared to those of City’s. The decider of the premier league’s winner will go down to the very last match this season.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Twenty The Third

Life is full of opportunities to learn and experience new things. Just waking up to the sun the next day too is a wonderful new experience because the day is met and it is totally a new day. Apart from these new experiences, I was showered with a strange kind of experience when I was seeing her for almost over three years or so. Initially I had thought that I’d be acting weird upon seeing her but things went smooth. I didn’t feel anything like I’ve met her after a very long time. We went to a bank to settle her transactions but had to return home to get some important documents. Just before reaching her house she asked me to stop at a place which really turned out to be a boundary and crossing it would be a taboo to me in the following days. She dropped and walked towards her home. How long will it take you to be back was my inquiry. In reply she said that she’d have to rummage through her room to find her document and in addition she also said that she was feeling sleepy and might take a short nap. Throughout the entire conversation her face was turned away from me and our eyes never met. I wondered what I’d do under that scorching sun waiting for her to come back. She then suggested me to take a walk to the temple but did not find the suggestion quite right and then came her next suggestion, it was that I’d go and finish my work until she returns. I did not have any kind of work to finish while she was away but she did not pay any attention to my world and started walking.

She simply kept walking away not even bothering to turn around at least once. She had a shawl which she used to cover her head to hide away from the sun and she kept walking. I on the other hand could not think of anything and simply gazed at her walking towards her house. In this instant I felt something very strange. I felt like running towards and hug her from behind but something kept me numb. I don’t know why but tears almost fell down my cheeks while watching her walk away. No, it wasn’t that I felt humiliated and it wasn’t that she was rude. Moreover one thing was quite certain that she’d come back after a few while and which is why it wasn’t even that she’d never come back. Watching her walk away through that slight steep asphalt almost brought me tears. It was a strange feeling that I never ever had in my life.

I waited and waited but to a big sigh of relief she did not take very long before she returned. She hopped on to my bike and off we rode to finish off her chores.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cosmetology School

Cosmetology has been very rapidly getting popular across the globe. It is the best career to pursue because the level of awareness regarding beauty is increasing each day. Human kind wants to look good and clothing is not sufficient to look beautiful. The result of intense researches has brought up a boon in human kind. They now have the ability to change the way they look, be it permanently or temporarily. People have become wealthier and now they can afford to have their skins removed or their nose tilted and so many others for instance.

Keeping this in mind, the concept of a cosmetology school has already come into existence. The number of students trying to enroll in those cosmetology schools are always on the rise. With the exceeding number of interested people who want to pursue their further career in cosmetology, Regency Beauty Institute has also been expanding its branches so that many people can have easy access to beauty school. Regency Beauty Institute is still on the course of expanding and it could be a great opportunity for all to get themselves into beauty school and build a career in cosmetology.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Revenge

It was some years back when I ran into trouble. I was back in my village and the biggest day of the year when they put tikas and receive blessings from their seniors, I had a nasty brawl with a notorious bully of my village. I was never wrong and just couldn’t suppress my anger. He lost his conscious due to our severe beating. Later when he came to normal, he lured me by saying if I apologized to him, he would not case a file which I did. But he did not keep his words.

Looking back at those moments, which was the only time in my life when I really fulfilled by promises. When I was in the sixth standard I went to my village for the very first time. It took us six and a half day to reach home after getting off the bus. In between the journey, a guy mentioned about my father almost being killed by a group of thugs who beat him mercilessly. My father being a high school teacher might not have been that bad to get that beating. Those bullies in my village were the big shots then and they had the village moved according to their wish. At that very moment I promised that when I grow big, I’d fight that dude.

Later when we reached home, I encountered him and my fellow whispered the name of that bully. Back then I was so scared of him that I’d take the other path if we were about to get near. After sometimes I came back and used to think of that guy so much. Just thinking of him would startle me. Many years later, I went back to village, I did not get the opportunity to have a fight with him and I don’t remember, but it was in the Dashain I had my revenge. We don’t celebrate Dashain and the incident took place. After that incident, we all flew off the village and ran refuge in Bhojpur.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Upcoming Festive Season

The biggest festival of the year is just around the corner. Smiles can be seen in everybody’s face as this is the only time of the year when people seem very joyous. However, the season doesn’t only bring happiness but also some worries at the same time. There are a lot of families, who are deprived of the season’s happiness, be it financially or emotionally.

Sadly this season has also come to me as a burden. Friends suggest that we should take a hike or visit a meditation centre but to me in person, I feel like doing nothing. I don’t jump with the world and I may be quite happy if the world leaves far aback when I dwell myself in my own insidious world of feelings and remorse. But then again, I don’t want to sulk and have a dull festive season this time. I have my own ways of fighting time in my solitude. I have brought a bunch of horror movies to pass my time. I was never really into horror movies but this time around I’m going to try. This is the ideal way of adjusting the state of my mind at present.

Happy festive season to all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer

Pregnancy is the most sensitive phase of human kind. A lot of precautions should be taken in this stage, mentally as well as physically. There are a lot of tonics available in the market but all of them would not be as good as claimed. People might have used Topamax during their pregnancy and sadly they might be suffering from the side effects it has brought along. If you happen to be one of those victims or if someone close to you is affected, the need of a Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer is essential who can fight a legal war and help you.

There are many signs of birth defect caused by the consumption of Topamax during pregnancy and if you are sure, then contact a Topamax Birth Defects Lawyer at once.